So now its time to look at the different covert ships you can take with you through the portal and to see what

each ship type can do and how to use them effectively.

Stealth Bombers

Purifier, Manticore, Nemesis and Hound are the 4 stealth bombers available currently within EVE, each of them

differs slightly in how it goes about its job but all share a common goal, to destroy small ships using siege missiles

or to deploy bombs to do some serious AoE damage, these ships work best in a group and its a good idea to

have different ones in the group for the racial damage types.


Covert Ops

Anathema, Buzzard, Helios and Cheetah are the 4 Covert Ops frigates available to you inside EVE, these are

very much polar opposite's of their Stealth Bomber counterparts having no real damage so to speak and relying

more on stealth and remaining unseen to do their jobs, all are able to fit the Covert Ops cloak and can therefore

warp while cloaked in space.


Force Recons

Pilgrim, Falcon, Arazu and Rapier are the names of the 4 force recons that exist ingame and unlike the last two

ship classes mentioned these ships couldn't be any more different than each other so lets go over the basics of each

and try and cover them, firstly we should cover the similarities between the 4 which are that they can all fit the

covert ops cloaking device and can therefore warp while cloaked, each also gets a bonus to the amount of

liquid ozone used by Cynosural Fields, now to cover each ships role on the battlefield, the Pilgrim is designed

to help reduce the cap of the target ship making it unable to repair itself or attack dependant on the target it

also gets a tracking disruptor bonus so can hurt most turret platforms, the Falcon is one of the most lethal

jammers that the Caldari can field being hidden from view it can declak and devistate the targetting abilities

of a small gang, the Arazu is the gallente answer to the super scrambler and gets a bonus to warp disruptor

range leaving it safely out of range for counters like energy neuts and webbing, as a reverse the Rapier is

the king of cruiser sized webbing platforms able to sit at range and immobilize a ship or stop those annoying

interceptor pilots buzzing around.


Blockade Runners

The Prorator, Crane, Viator and Prowler are the 4 blockade runners that were added to the game and

all of them are pretty much the same with a few minor racial differences, all of them are able to fit covert

ops cloaks so can all sneak around unseen.


Strategic Cruisers

The Legion, Tengu, Proteus and Loki are the 4 racial strategic cruisers and are unique in that they are able to

reconfigure their loadout according to the 5 subsystem modules fitted to the ship, for this reason there is no

relaible way to list what sort of slot layout they might have and the info reflects this.