Cynosural Fields

Cynosural fields were added to EVE to provide a means of moving capital ships around in the EVE universe and come

in two types, the standard cynosural field can be used by all jump drive equipped capital ships and black ops ships the

covert cynosural field can only be used by black ops class ships and can be used to jump to or create portals to, both

function in a similar way however there are a few differences which i will cover now, the standard cyno field creates a

beacon in everyone's overview so anybody in the system can warp to the source of the field making it a tad easy to

spot when you are performing jump operations, the standard cyno can be fitted to any ship with enough CPU and

powergrid with an empty high slot, the covert cyno field in contrast does not alert people in system to its activation

and the residents of the system cannot warp directly to it and will be unaware of one being in system making them

a much better option for sneaking around, covert cyno's can at present only be fitted to stealth bombers, covert ops,

force recons and black ops class ships with enough CPU and powergrid and an empty high slot, you can find a

picture of a cynosural field here for reference.