Wait fuel used, you didn't say anything about fuel what gives?

Yup the fuel was too much to cover in that small section so we will cover it all here so hold your horses.

The Black Ops Jump Drive, The Covert Jump Portal, The Cynosural Field Generator and its covert version

all use fuel of certain types in order to function correctly, here we will go over the fuels used and where.


Racial Isotopes

Each of the 4 races has a racial isotope used to fuel its POS, its capital ships and its black ops ships, each race

uses a different isotope to fuel its stuff here is a list of them:

Helium Isotopes: Used to power and fuel Amarr POS and Capital Ships (Redeemer)

Hydrogen Isotopes: Used to power and fuel Minmatar POS and Capital Ships (Panther)

Nitrogen Isotopes: Used to power and fuel Caldari POS and Capital Ships (Widow)

Oxygen Isotopes: used to power and fuel Gallente POS and Capital Ships (Sin)


Right, well that seems to make sense now how do i use this fuel in my Black Ops?

In order to jump or portal a ship whatever distance you want you have to have the correct units

of fuel inside the black ops ships cargohold, now to try and figure out how much fuel you need you

need one of a few tools, there is the Jump Planner for figuring out the distance and fuel use for capitals

and black ops ships alike, however i don't as of yet know of any live tools for figuring out jump fuel

used on the black ops portal so i created a nice Spreadsheet and a Guide for the fuel used by these.

Note the spreadsheet won't work if viewed ingame but the guide will.