Hull: Strategic Cruiser
Role: Varies

Revelation burrows through the material world, devours creation’s soil, digests the thoughtless void, and produces significance with God’s grace. From emptiness comes meaning, essence from existence, soul from matter.

Is God through the wormhole? Did God grant us this boon, this new technology, a revelation from on high? These weapons are God's new prophecy, domain, and blessing. Let us use God's grace and prepare New Eden. We are God’s soldiers, weapons, glory. Our people are God’s army. Together, we are the legion.

-The Heresies of Hinketsu

Amarr Strategic Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% Reduction in the amount of heat damage absorbed by modules per level.

Note: Can only use black ops portals if fitted with the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem


CPU: Varies

Powergrid: Varies

Calibration: 400

High Slots: Varies

Med Slots: Varies

Low Slots: Varies

Turrets: Varies

Launchers: Varies

Upgrade Slots: Varies