Name: Pilgrim
Hull: Arbitrator
Role: Force Recon Ship

Force recon ships are the cruiser-class equivalent of covert ops frigates. While not as resilient as combat recon ships, they are nonetheless able to do their job as reconaissance vessels very effectively, due in no small part to their ability to interface with covert ops cloaking devices and set up cynosural fields for incoming capital ships.

Developer: Carthum Conglomerate

Carthum ships are the very embodiment of the Amarrian warfare philosophy. Possessing sturdy armor and advanced weapon systems, they provide a nice mix of offense and defense. On the other hand, their electronic and shield systems tend to be rather limited.

Amarr Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Tracking Disruptor effectiveness and 10% bonus to drone hit points and damage per level.

Recon Ships Skill Bonus: 20% bonus to Energy Vampire and Energy Neutralizer transfer amount and -96% to -100% reduction in Cloaking Device CPU use per level

Role Bonus: 80% reduction in liquid ozone consumption for cynosural field generation and 50% reduction in cynosural field duration.

Note: can fit covert cynosural field generators


CPU: 350

Powergrid: 950

Calibration: 400

High Slots: 4

Med Slots: 5

Low Slots: 5

Turrets: 3

Launchers: 0

Upgrade Slots: 2