So what ships can use the portal made by a black ops ship?

Good question guess i should answer that, Covert Ops frigates, Force Recon Cruisers, Stealth Bombers,

Blockade Runners and Strategic Cruisers can jump through the portal created by a black ops ship at this point in time.


Wow thats not many, i can't even find stealth bombers on the market.

Stealth bombers are hidden in the covert ops section of the market and are the Hound, Purifier, Nemesis and

the Manticore respectively, the force recons are the Pilgrim, Rapier, Falcon and Arazu, the blockade runners are

the Prorator, Crane, Viator and Prowler, the strategic cruisers are the Legion, Tengu, Proteus and the Loki,

each ship has its own fuel requirements to be sent through the portal, refer to The Portal Guide to figure out what

each costs in fuel.


So that leaves me what, 20 ships to choose from for the portal right?

Yup 20 ships can jump through a portal created by a black ops ship, this limitation is there to force you to

think about your gang composition and not just take things like inties and HAC's with you on an op.


So what ships should i take of these 20 with me?

Good question and there is no right and wrong answer to that, it depends on what you want to do and

you need to know what each ship is good at doing so lets go recap on what each ship is good at.