What is a Covert Jump Portal?

A covert Jump Portal is a device fitted to a black ops class battleship and is used to create what should essentially

Be considered more of a catapult and less of a portal as its only a 1 way device used to send ships to a destination.


Right, so what do i need to use a portal?

Well the first thing you need is a black ops ship, these come in 4 versions, The Panther, The Sin, The Redeemer

and The Widow , the second thing you need is a Covert Portal Generator.


Right, so i have a black ops ship and a portal what next?

Hold up there buddy, don't you even want to know how the portal even works, you're getting a bit ahead of yourself.


Ok i'm sorry so how does the portal work?

Well best way to think of it right now is as a 1 way stargate or catapult as i said earlier, now the thing about the

portal is that you can't use it alone, yup thats right an MMO where there are things you can't do alone, right

so to use the portal you need a friend with a Cynosural Field Generator fitted to their ship, after that you

need to be in a fleet with this person.


Right, so i'm ganged with Joe Bloggs and he has a cyno fitted what now?

Right well now you have to pick a destination system you want to create a portal to, now this system has

to be in low sec space 0.4 or below in order for you to setup a cynosural field in, also this system

needs to be within your jump range in order to be able to create a portal to it, by default a black ops ship

has a base jump range of 2LY (Light Years) upgraded to 4LY because of JDC4 (Jump drive calibration)

Needed to fly the black ops ship in the first place.


Ok now this is a little confusing please explain it to me.

Right well each black ops ship has a Jump Drive fitted to it so that it can be jumped in to a system without

having to use a stargate, capital ships also have these but those are beyond the scope of this guide, you

can jump to any low-sec system in your jump drive range assuming there is a friendly ganged cyno in

the system or an allied POS (Player owned structure) in range with a cyno array fitted and online


Ok so i understand that now what about the portal?

Well the portal works based on the same range your ship can jump so normally 4LY and it also needs

a cynosural field to lock on to, note that a POS array cannot be used for this purpose as it cannot be

ganged, so now you have you in system A and you have Joe here in system B, Joe activates his cyno

generator and creates a cyno field in system B, you now have 2 options of what you can do with

your black ops ship, you can either attempt to Jump to Joe or you can bridge to Joe, now i hear

you ask how you do these things well its easy enough, in the chatlist for the gang you right-click

on Joe select the fleet menu and you'll be prompted with the normal gang options but you'll see

2 new options Jump to <Char Name> and Bridge to <Charname>, the first one should be easy

to understand but what about the second one.


Yes what does "Bridge to <Charname>" do?

The "Bridge to...." option allows you to create a 1-way jump portal to that person's current system

allowing other ships to be able to jump to him/her using you as a catapult to cover the gap between.


So i just click "Bridge to" and thats it?

Nope thats just the basics of the portal head back to the main page to head over to the next part :)